Green Bay Packers — Lambeau's Where The Party's At lyrics

Verse 1
Our work is done; the time has come
No need to hesitate
Stand up and cheer; let's make things clear
Can't beat a tailgate

Here's our chance to show our pride
(We are proud to be loud)
Lift up your hands and sing
Shout it out!

You can't ask for more than that
'Cause this is where the party's at
So come on down let's get it right

Would you take a look at that?
Yeah, this is where it's at
It's right here; it's right now
Lambeau's where the party's at

Verse 2
It has arrived, time of our lives
We're making memories
Get down in style we're running wild
Full of energy

Living loud, living proud
Lift up your hands and sing
Shout it out

Chorus (x2)
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