Green Bay Packers — Runnin' With The Big Dogs lyrics

Verse 1
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades
There ain't no second place; in Lambeau, it's a whole new game
You either go big, go hard, or go on back home
You gotta feel it in your gut; you better want it in your bones

'Cause you're runnin' with the big dogs now
The bright lights are shinin'; hear the roar of the crowd
This is what the sweat and pain was all about
So get up, 'cause your runnin' with the big dogs now

Verse 2
You sacrificed it all for a dream no one else could see
And they said you'd never make it; well, I guess now they believe
Leave your mark, lay em' flat, leave it all on the field This ain't a game anymore; this is the real deal

This is your time, you're in the eye of the storm
This is where dreams die, and this is where legends are born

Chorus (x2)
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