Guardian — Power Of Love lyrics

Listen up, I'm back on my feet, I
Finally broke loose and I've got
Something to say. Are you doing the
Things that hurt you? Let me tell
You, there's a better way.
Chorus I:
Cause He came down from His
Throne and sang a song of love to
Me. With just a touch His power
Set me free. .. I'm free
Chorus ii:
Tell me can you feel it, Yes and I
Believe it; talkin' 'bout the Power of
Love. Burnin' like a fever in the
Hearts of true believers, oh, we've
Got the Power of love
People caii me crazy cuz I love
You Lord, but when my cup is
Empty, you always give me more.
Chorus I
Chorus ii
Every night I go to sleep I pray the
Lord my soul to keep. He leads me
Thru the darkest night, gonna take
Me to the morning light; gonna
Make it to the morning light
Chorus ii
Psalm 20: 6-8 / ii Timothy 1: 7
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