Gucci Mane — Handicap lyrics

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Well I bounce in past the bouncer, with a handgun and a chopper…
Well I bounce in past the bouncer, with a handgun and a rifle…
I might bounce in, me a bouncer, handgun and an ounce
Young n***a with a shotgun, and a handgun, and a rifle
Get pitched in, I’m a lifer – put my hand on the Bible
You walkin’ fast, you need to slow up, hoe
Actin’ lame, you need to grow up hoe
Got drank, I’m ‘bout to pour up hoe
I was broke, but I ain’t broke no more
No place the God can’t go
Trap rap, f**k hip-hop, hoe
Rambo with a loaded four-four
Commando, kick in your front door
Jesъs, Alejandro
Get your whole family killed like El Chapo
Lots of guap and escudo
Drop the top, I’m in a new Lambo’
Let your daddy know, twin Calicos
And I’ll kill your a** if you like to gamble
County man, if your a** didn’t know
Like kinda how I make your a** ran, hoe
Afghanistan, I’m a travelling man
And when I pull up, got an army van
You must live in Fantasy Land
Cut off you and your partner’s hand
Canon, man, I’m from the scrap
And I’ll leave your partner’s a** handicapped

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Handicap, handicap, handicap, handicap
Run up on me and I’mma leave you handicapped
Handicap, handicap, handicap, handicap
I keep a pistol by me, I’ve got handy scraps
Handicap, handicap, handicap, handicap
Shoot you in your head, youse in your partner’s lap
Handicap, handicap, handicap, handicap
Guap like the wheelchair n****s, handicapped

[Verse 2: Big Bank Black]
Heard he beefin’ with the mob, call him Two Wheel Willie
You ain’t no gangster, p***y n***a, youse a World Star bully
That a key-boy gangster, talkin’ tough as your train
We bustin’ tommy guns, p***y, like back in the day
I run with butcher-knife killers, they might chop off your fade
I got them crazy young n****s, they might jump out the state
Godfather status – I might spit in your face
And don’t be muggin’ p***y n***a, slap that look off your face
And if you want it, come get it – all my n****s with it
Got Nuke and Squeak with me, you know the carbon spittin’
You know them n****s hittin’, you know they gon’ blast
If you f**k around and live, you in a body cast

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
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