Guy — Goodby Love (Remix) lyrics

Baby don't go
No baby no baby no baby
Even though I hate to leave girl
For I find as I walk out the door
The door I cry
Temptation is asking me to stay
But we been through the same thing before
I can't believe that this is happening to us
We made vows to never be apart
I turn my head to see if your hurt
Cause I also feel it deep in my heart
You said you'd never leave me
I said I'd never leave you
But fairy tales don't always come true
You promised to stay with me
I promised to stay with you
I guess you knew and blew a good thing baby
Cause I'm saying bye bye
My sunny days just ain't the same
Every hour of the day brings me tears
(I cry too)
So I guess I have to keep on hoping wishing praying
That you are here
And I'd rather end this self misery than to go on
Living without you and I
Ask myself over and over again
If leaving you makes me a fool baby
You know I'm saying bye bye
Bye bye(goodbye love)
Bye bye my love yeah
What must I do
If I can't spend this moment with you
I'm out of mind just help me
To regain my sanity
Bye bye baby
Bye bye
I don't really want to leave you baby
I am so confused baby
Good good good bye baby
Don't leave me baby
Till we make love just one more time
Make it seem forever
This is our last and final goodbye
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