Haley Montgomery — Who You Are lyrics

There is someone who cares,
There is someone who love's
Unlike anyone you have ever known
He see's all your tears
He knows every secret
Longing you keep to yourself- For He put them there
Pre Chorus:
When it seems all is lost, Your spinning in a dark room...
Know that you're a light, so be a star and shine

Do you know... Who you are,
Where you came from,
What you were made for?
Do you realize,
You were chosen,
Your name God has spoken?
You are worthy
Made for glory
Would you receive this mercy?
Know who you are...

Verse 2:
When you rise in the morning
On your lips is a cry for glory
So makes the sun shine for you that day
"Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep. "
He hears you- and He is pleased with you

Know who you are...
Remember who you are...
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