Half Hearted Hero — It's Cool, But The Fullblast Did It Already lyrics

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
We'll this distance is killing me and I can't wait much longer
To see you again on some random weeknight.
You'll say my room is a mess, and I'll say "Baby, that's alright".
How do we go for
Weeks at a time without seeing each other.
Thinking about it drives me crazy.
How do we get passed
Those highways between
Your house and mine without wasting time.
I don't need a compass or a map.
I just need some roller skates and a jetpack.
I don't need an atlas or a globe.
I just need to get to you so I can feel at home.
Every moment spent without feels like a waste of my time,
And I'll bet it's the same for you.
Every promise I promise to keep,
I swear I'll stick to my word
If you swear that you'll stick to me.
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