Hands On Approach — A Change lyrics

These are not promises
These are just other thoughts of hope
Was it that meaningless
What weґve been through?
When I said that iґll be with you
It was not enough... but always true
No oneґs aware
When love seems to go
No one will ever know
What I was goinґthrough

You donґt need to change
Iґve got something new
To bring you back again
Itґs a brand new day
I feel so alive
It will be a chance
To bring you back again

This is not the time or place
wonґt you come to the Moon... with me
but thereґs no room for us
no romantic Spring
if I knew at that time
I would be aware
Not so close to you


Even if this is wrong
My treasureґs here
Unexpected thoughts
When I say goodbye
It will be a chance for us... it will be a change not the end.
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