Hank Snow — Confused With The Blues lyrics

Everyone that I meet on the street
Tells me I look so sad
I just lost my gal
And the truest love I ever had.

Left the trouble in mind here behind
Lord, I wish I was dead
This ravin' and cravin' around of my old heart
It hurts me so.

I was born to be blue
Not a dream to come true, don't know
I'm hazy, half crazy
Oh, where did my sweet baby go?

--- Instrumental ---

I'm weak and I'm weary
So worn out from cryin' for you
No use tryin', sleepin'
I can't sleep without weepin', that's true.

There's no one to turn to
Oh, where can I find you my own
Yes, I'll have to start quittin' just sittin'
Here singin' these blues.

When I'm singin' it seems to keep bringin'
Old mem'ries of you
So lonely if only you'd help me
Lord, what can I do?

--- Instrumental ---

Slowly losin' my mind
That's where these tears I can't find with a turn
Way down deep in your soul
Is your love full of spark that still burns.

Please don't roam come on home
Mend this broken old heart that still yearns...
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