Hank Snow — Star Spangled Waltz lyrics

The band it was playing the Star Spangled Waltz
The lights in the ballroom were low
Oh, twas sweet to my ears I fought back my tears
For that waltz broke my heart long ago.

My sweetheart grew jealous as I danced with a friend
And said that my love had grown false
Then she told me goodbye neath that old southern sky
As we danced to the Star Spangled Waltz.

--- Instrumental ---

Then a face caught my eye as the dancers passed by
It was my sweetheart who left me to pine
As she whispered my name I cuold see, oh so plain
That her heart it was broken like mine.

Love had one it's last fight as I kissed her that night
As I did in the days long ago
We had found new romance though we cried as we danced
To the beautiful Star Spangled Waltz...
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