Hank Snow — When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye lyrics

There's an old guitar that's lonely
For it's master's gone away
Now he's singing to the angels
Way up in heaven today.

He left a blue song for the brakemen
And to the kids a lullaby
To all sweethearts he left a love song
When Jimmie Rodgers said goodbye.

He left a yodel for the cowboy
They'll sing it now with tear dimmed eyes
And he left every prairie lonely
When Jimmie Rodgers said goodbye.

--- Instrumental ---

They'll miss him down in Alabama
Across the world you can hear them sigh
Mississippi lost their blue yodeler
When Jimmie Rodgers said goodbye.

Although the freigh trains keep on running
He caught a fast one on the fly
But he left his guitar behind him
When Jimmie Rodgers said goodbye...
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