Hank Thompson — I Keep Meeting Girls Like You lyrics

I keep meeting girls like you
(Hank Thompson - Bud Auge)
" © '60 Brazos Valley Music "
I used to dream I don't dream anymore I don't believe that dreams come true
Paint through me a curve but I don't deserve to keep me in girls like you
I used to think that someday I would choose the one to love my whole life through
But I'm never chooser I wind up as a loser I keep meeting girls like you
We laugh and cry then say goodbye our love was just a passing thing
A love that's wrong can't linger long but how many heartaches can it bring
Maybe I'll get wise and open up my eyes and play the game just like they do
I guess I'll get to be just like my company if I keep meeting girls like you
We laugh and cry...
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