Hank Williams — Just When I Needed You lyrics

(e) just when I needed you, you left and went a- (a) way,
You made my life so (e) blue both night and (b7) day,
You (e) left me here behind, with a troubled worried (a) mind,
So broken hearted (e) too, just (b7) when I needed (e) you.


I cried, I cried, I (a) prayed, lord, I (e) tried, to forget you,
And never call your (b7) name, what a (e) shame, what a shame,
Youre the (a) one who was to (e) blame,
Youre the (a) one who was un-(e) true, just (b7) when I needed (e) you.

You said, it's best we part, and never love again,
And tho it broke my heart, I wont complain,
You know I love you still, and dear I always will,
Altho you proved untrue, just when I needed you.

Repeat chorus
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