Hank Williams — Lovesick Blues lyrics

Recorded by hank williams, sr.
Words and music by irving mills and cliff friend

Capo: 3rd fret key: f play: d
I got a [d] feelin called the blu-ues, oh, lawd
Since my baby said good-[a7] bye
And I dont know what Ill do-oo-oo
All I do is sit and [d] [p] sigh-igh, oh, lawd
That [d7] last long [g] day she said good-[g7] bye
Well [d] lawd I thought I would [b7] cry
Shell [e7] do me, shell do you, shes got that kind of lovin
[a7] lawd, I love to hear her when she calls me
Sweet [d] [p] dad-ad-ad-dy, [d] such a beautiful [a7] dream
I hate to think it all o-o-ver
Ive lost my heart it [f#] seems
Ive grown [d7] so [g] used to you some-[g7] how
Well, Im [d] nobodys sugar-[b7] daddy now
And Im [e7] lo-on-lonesome [a7]
I got the lovesick [d] blu-ues.

Well, Im in [f#] love, Im in love, with a [bm] beautiful gal
[f#] thats whats the matter with [bm] me
Well, Im in [f#] love, Im in love, with a [bm] beautiful gal
But [e7] she dont care about [a7] me
Lawd, I tried and I tried, to keep her satisfied
But she [d7] just wouldnt stay
So [e7] now that she is lea-eav-in
This is all I can [a7] say.

Repeat 1st verse
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Songwriters: Mills, Irving / Friend, Cliff
Lovesick Blues lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC