Hank Williams — May You Never Be Alone Like Me lyrics

Like a bird that's lost in maiden flight
I'm alone and oh so blue tonight
Like a piece of driftwood on the sea
May you never be alone like me

I believed the lies you told to me
When you whispered dear, Ill worship thee
Now here I am all alone and blue
All because I love no one but you

I have left my friends, I left my home
When you promised to be mine alone
Now youre gone our love could never be
May you never be alone like me

In the bible, gods own words do say
For every wrong some day youll have to pay
Ill pray the lord to set me free
May you never be alone like me

Goodbye little darling

Goodbye little darling were parting
Parting don't always mean goodbye
Although we have to part, youre always in my heart
Goodbye little darling goodbye

Goodbye little darling, Ill miss you
Miss you like the stars would miss the sky
I hate to see you go, I'm going to miss you so
Good bye little darling, goodbye

Goodbye little darling, I love you
Ill love you till the day I die
Will you dream a dream of me, where ever you may be
Goodbye little darling, goodbye
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