Hanoi Rocks — Motorvatin' lyrics

Well I have a Saturday night drive in a subway train
A lot of speed inside my brain, Shakin', breakin' it loose
The best that I can do, I gotta get out, gotta get out now
I wanna hear my wheels scream and shout, Get out of the subway
Get my wheels on the street, And start motorvatin'
Runnin all alone in a lowdown street, just a searching for my medicine
And a little satisfaction from a woman, Is all I need
I gotta pull myself together, Hey hey hey, hear me say
I gotta drive right into the fire, And I'm burnin', burnin' burnin'
I'm motorvatin'
I've got skin thight jeans and high heel shoes, A leather jacket and nothing to lose
Gotta rock the nation, down the filling station
Don't try to get a ride in my Cadillac, You don't look good enough for that
Sure I am a loner but I'm never alone, I get by on my own
We've gotta pull ourselves together, Hey hey hey, that's what I say
We've gotta pull ourselves together, Hey hey hey, now hear me say
We've got to drive right into the fire, And start burning, burning, burning
We're motorvatin', We're motorvatin'
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