Hans York — Miss You lyrics

(Hans York / Evo Bluestein)

Awoke this morning feeling fine
Sun will fall or rain will shine
Autumn winds steal thoughts of mine

A soaring hawk is circling high
Outstretched wings across the sky
Gives a faint and lonesome cry
Echoes what I feel today

I miss you

Being with you day to day
Things you do and things you say
I think about while you're away
In a quiet moment all alone

I miss you

Gazing at the hazy moon come shining, reminds me,
A love like ours I never knew until it shined on you.

Red and yellow swirling round
Fallen leaves lie on the ground
Day grows dim, the sun goes down
Barren limbs in the night

I write in dreams and then awaken
Words are gone, my songs are taken
It's not about a love forsaken
All I want is just to say

I miss you
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