Haunted — Sweet Relief lyrics

Contextualize it and justify,
As the passive servility eats you alive.
Like a japanese girl with a taste for obsurdity,
Roped up and screaming for more.

In spinless decisions you cling to a lie.
A futile attempt to uphold your claim.
As a new generation of nihilist rage,
Get a grip on how to get shit done.

We'll get you in the end.
Sweet relief.
I survive trough the blaze of another day,
Lower down and hide.
Let me wake in a dream ehre you come undone -
Sweet relief.

Barter, compile it, package the scam.
Analyze the effects and the overall consequence.
Duping the masses. So fucking what.
You get what you gice - I can see it now.

Bring in the puppets, turn on the light.
Round up the gullable sheep.
Deliver the drama. Fake and obscene.
The drug of a nation asleep.

We'll get you in the end.
Sweet relief.

Die please step this. I'm begging you. Cease to breathe.

You are killing everyone I love.

We'll get you in the end.
Sweet relief.
As the cane draws a line in the sand of time -
Blood covers bone.
In the eye of the dying I can read your toughts -
Guilt as charged.

Guinea pigs all.
Selfless and blind.
An effortless crime.
No wonder it's all going down.
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