Hayes Carll — Knockin' Over Whiskeys lyrics

I keep knockin over whiskeys
No ones laughin at my jokes
They got me spinnin round in circles
Like a tin can in the spokes

When I left town this mornin
With a smile upon my face
Ahh babe I swear I never knew
I'd end up in this place

Run away little darlin
You don't need me anymore
I've been out here for too long
It aint like it was before
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If I get back home to houston
I'm gonna tip my hat and cry
When I left I was a younger man
Too proud to say goodbye
I'm gonna wake up in the mornin
With a conscience ten feet tall
I'm gonna lay my head down wiser
Or I wont lay down at all

Repeat chorus

You used to live out on the border
Where no one else could reach
Now I can't ask a question
Without you givin a speech
You said, I never cared
Babe you know that isn't true
It's just the only thing you asked of me
Was the one thing I can't do

Songwriters: HAYES CARLL
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