Headnoise — Building A Better Mousetrap lyrics

Repent Church, condemnation, pride, we really need to look inside selfish,
Judgment hate with your love, you ruin their life,
Wasted preaching time, seeking souls are left to die,
Competition, greed, racking up the dollar signs,
Finding gossip pain, reveal the weakness of your friend,
Divisive lies lost, brethren, which gone astray
Repent Church
Church reality, corporate salvation, church reality,
You walked away from you first love and forgot about the people,
All you care about is status, corporate redemption,
Forgive us oh God for suckin'em in,
Gain in our pockets, there's blood on our hands

Forgive us oh God for our self-seeking ways,
Let's do what's right, lets love and obey
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