Heath Hollensbe — Atonement lyrics

A just and loving God
Sending His only son into a world
That was in love with everything but Him

Yet before the dawn the time
A plan had been designed
To purpose this Son
As a suffering sponge
To absorb the wrath of God

Blameless were his steps
And perfect was His life
Without a sin counted to Him
God still was not satisfied

Faithful to the father’s plan
To die and reconcile man
The Spotless Lamb, Butchered for man
Finally quenched the thirst of God

His bleeding did not save us
His bleeding to death did
But if He did not rise again
We’d still be dead in our sins

He was faithful to the cross
And He’s forever faithful now to us
We can confidently rest
Knowing that His promises are true
The rightful King will be restored
And everything that’s spoiled will be renewed
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