Heimweh — Tighten The Rope lyrics

Darkened woods are bleeding everywhere.
Things are happening what only I see here.
Things went wrong, and they followed by even more.
Sorry, but I can't let you go.

Oh false gods why don't you go back,
Go back to those human minds.
Destroy them inside.

I can't explain myself,
Why don't you go and fuck yourself?
No more reason to live, it's time to say goodbye.
Make a last favor you mother fucker whore.

Physically weak, sickness... ahhrhhh.

Tighten the rope and let me go to nowhere and say farewell.

Tighten the rope, I can't do it alone.
Tighten the rope because of madness
Tighten the rope one more time
Listen to the sound how would I die.
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