Herman Brood — One (of A Kind) lyrics

My mama told me if I was naughty
I was never to throw a party
I would be lonely & they would stone me
If I ever tried to be hearty
My daddy said hey boy if y're rockin'
You got to suffer y'are neighbours mockin'
You're gonna be laughed at
They gonna get you drafted
Got to cover y'are silver stockin'

& I was sure to lose my mind
Cause I'm one of a kind
Hey fancy little mama with y'are black & blue dress
Y're chasin' my dreams straight outa my head

I see you hangin' round in y'are black & blue dress
Go on with y'are cheatin' till my output is dead
I'm gonna get what I want
I'm gonna drop what I don't

& I'll never lose my mind
Cause I'm one
One of a kind
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