Hootie & The Blowfish — Desert Mountain Showdown lyrics

Robinn' Robin in the tree
Won't you come down here and rescue me
'Cause there's someplace else I gotta see
And you can stand in for me for awhile
Come on now hurry down
No time to play around
I need someone to walk this mile
She jumped out and said like a child
Love is gone but now I see
You've got to capture me to set me free
Miss Mina came to me in a dream
She said, "Boy come and walk with me
There's someplace I've got to see"
So we strolled along the mountain high
She called me boy my friend
And I wondered if or even when
I'd see Greta and my Rose again
The time has come for dealing
Lessons learned but not I see
You've got to capture me to set me free
I flew on the wings of a bird
And I whispered names of girls I once knew
Then she disappeared into a fallen stream
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