Howard Scott Pearlman — Never Look Back lyrics


(Howard Scott Pearlman/ Thomas Garabaldi)

- Vocals By brucie"

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" Never Look Back "

Oh a wiseman said to me remeber

What I'm teaching to you today

And learn this lesson well my son

Sometimes the smart thing to do

Is to just get goinging and run away

When a devil is chasing you today

Just run

You need to concentrate

On where you are going

And never ever Look Back

At the Devil behind you

Just Run and

Never Look Back

Never Look Back

At that Devil behind you

Never Look Back

Or the Devil may chatch you

Never Look back

Not even for a second

Never Look Back

That wiseman's name was, the

Living Ledgend, Satchel Paige

And oh man oh man could

He ever throw

He may have been the fastest

Man that ever played the game of life

Living under this or any sun

And when he played those that

Watched him in amazement

Each and every day

For he never quit

And he never ever looked back

(the fade)

Never Look Back

At that Devil Behind You

Never Look back

Music By Thomas Garibaldi
Lyrics By Howard Scott Pearlman

Copyright. 2003. Garibaldi & Pearlman

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