Hunter — Lovesick Blues lyrics

Lovesick blues. (c. Char Hunter)

1.) I'm gonna walk, right through that door,
I'm gonna leave you, always wanting more.
I'm gonna walk, right out that door,
'Cause baby, that's what you're in for.

Br.) You put my heart through the ringer, you've got one hell of a stinger.
You burned me just a little, but honey I ain't that brittle.
You thought that I'd be hangin', off of every word you are sayin'.
You thought I'd be your doormat, but baby that's not my format.

2.) I'm swimmin', in an ocean of love sick blues,
That I've gone, and hurled myself into.
Swimmin', in an ocean of love sick blues,
And it's all, it's all because of you. (repeat last line).
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