Hunter — Stans Park lyrics

Stan's park. (c. Dale Hunter)

1.) Well I went down to Stan's Park, to take a look around.
And I was filled with wonder, at nature's sight and sound

Ch.) I was groovin', yeah, groovin' by the sea.
I was groovin', won't you come along with me.
Because Stan's Park, yeah, it's the coolest park in history.

2.) My feet they got to walkin', I went past Lion's Gate.
My body got to feelin' good, and my brain said this is great!

Br.) The trees so tall, the grass so green
The vegetation, man, what a scene.
Walkin' around the Lost Lagoon, you might see a big racoon,
When it's time to leave my mind says, "it's too soon"...
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