Hush — Fired Up lyrics

Turn me up

My crew is all fired up
Y'all better just wise up
Everybody gettin' sized up
Before we all rise up
Start runnin' your times up
'cause' when my crew ride up
The sky gon' light up
Everybody get fired up!!!

Verse 1
I walk this planet the most rugged
Most can only see this heat but don't touch it
'cause' you might get 'em burned
When I come through it's my turn
Never get in my way or you're getting' rolled over
Like Rover 'cause' my fist's a bulldozer
I throw these dogs in the street to melodies
Like a heartbeat playing against piano keys
It's a breeze 365 degrees
Turn around and you might catch these so just freeze
A riddle with no clues I'm a walking nightmare
Anywhere anytime boy I don't fight fair
A day in my shoes is a day with no fear
So walk barefooted and save your whole year
And I wear a mouthpiece 'cause' I grit my teeth
So just bite your tongue before you get your ass beat?


Chorus 2
In the club to a beat
In the street wit' a beef in the heat
Everybody get fired up!!!
If it's black or it's white
If it's wrong or it's right day or night
Everybody get fired up!!!
Don't matter if you win or you lose
Only one thing to do
Everybody get fired up!!!
Put it down every town every city
If you feel me and you wit' me
Everybody get fired up!!!

Verse 2
I'm an S. O. B.
That's a son of a bitch homie you don't know me
I was put here to slap you silly and clap Billy
And clap everything in the track like Mac Milly's
And that's just the half really
You don't wanna see the other side I suggest you act quickly
And ran swiftly and get outta my way before the gats empty
(C'mon!!!) and just tempt me?


Chorus 2
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