Husky Ft. Joshua C. Edwards — Good & Faithful Servant lyrics

Verse 1
Lord, I
Want you to be pleased with me,
I want you to congratulate
The fact that I act in faith
And I never backed away.
My faith did never fluctuate
Gone tomorrow, but here today
Always kept my eye on you,
Your will for me, up to date
Walking in your footsteps
Following right behind 'em
Kept you in my sight
Cos this life gets kinda blinding
This world did never take over
Served you with my full heart
Never had two masters,
Heart never split in two parts
Could you say that I'd say 'yes'
If death did confront me?
Just like 'She' they pulled the trigger,
Or just like Paul they jumped me
Always shouting praise to you
Even when them trials came
Through persecution, I weren't losing
Dealt them in Jesus' name
Always had the double edge
To keep me up when I lost the legs
Searched the word, your voice I heard
And followed every word you said
And though it was small and still
It's like your voice was audible
I planted seeds to grow to fruit
Though I never saw em all

What will they say about me, when I'm dead and gone?
Lord, I want you to say I was your good and faithful servant,
Cos I don't care what they say, it's only you I want
Lord, I want you to say I was your good and faithful servant!

Verse 2
Faith like from the Hebrews
11 I think's the chapter
Could you put my name among them
Being faith the major factor?
Even when I made mistakes
I never stayed in guilt for long
Though I fell, and guilt I felt
I always turned to praise and song
I never let it hold back
I never let it hold me down
The cross is done; so I'm your Son
Once was lost but now I'm found
Every opportunity
Just like it was the last
If I received your word, the person heard
When they walked past
Never strove for riches
But worked hard for a wage
Knew the need for money
But knew it would fade away
So I held on to your promises
Indestructible truths
Scrapped youthful desires
And got strapped to the booth
Ready spreading gospel lessons
Changing where the lost had led 'em
Blind leading the blind
Before they opened their eyes
Followed where your passion led me
Noticed where the burdens heavy
Looked for open doors
And only went where you had sent me


Verse 3
Could you say that I was wise?
Though scripture learnt and memorized
Was my reaction towards action?
Did my life reflect the Christ?
Holy Spirit dwells within
Changed when I was told this
Seek the Holy Spirit, spit with Him
And speak with boldness
I only boasted in you
Completely focused on you
If I received the glory
It'd stop them noticing you
Ready to give it all up
You said I was on it
Got rid of my pride
Last penny in my wallet
Trusted as responsible
Seen faithful in my duty
From the scale of things
I'm just amazed that you'd have used me
Filthy rags in your sight
But you gave your righteousness
Lived to worship me, but
You came in spite of this
Came to save a sinner
Cos your love I've seen it conquered all
Love so amazing
Has demanded me to worship you
If you see rapping on a stage
Or see walking down the road
This life ain't my own
So I'll be Good & Faithful!


Servant, servant, Lord I want you to say I was your good and faithful servant x2
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