Iron Savior — Gorgar lyrics

Originally performed by Helloween

You're running around in the gambling hall
Every night it's the same
You're lookin' for something new to play
To win and have fun is your aim

A pinball speaks to you
His metal voice is knockin' in your head
You can't resist you'll have to play
You're just another victim caught in the trap

Gorgar will eat you, Gorgar man you'll
Never win - hey
Gorgar will eat you, Gorgar but you keep
On playin' - hey

Your blood is boilin' your eyes grow wide
Advance - too late
Gamblin' fever has taken your mind this fuckin'
Machine - oh hate

You spend all your money but you'll never win
You're always the loser and the robots voice
Keeps hammering

Wastin' money for fun every night
Livin' for today no thoughts for tomorrow
Man you are dead don't you realize
Wake up and live before it's too late
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