Jack Pleis And His Orchestra — Giant lyrics

Boston to Houston
Then Alamo
El Paso, Crystal City Way

Just like a sleepin' child
Sprawlin' in the sun
In one great hand
The Rio Grande
In the other Galveston

Where oil wells?
And buzzards weild above

This is Texas
Lonestar state of Texas
This is the giant
Land I love

(Boston to Houston)
(Then Alamo)
(El Paso, Crystal City Way)

My ma was born in Dallas
Father in Fort Worth
You bet your boots
I got my roots
In the goold ole

Silver dollar
Falling from above

[Repeat chorus]

(The giant)
(The giant)
(The giant land I love)

Oh God made these lonely acres
Where I ride alone
But the Devil cursed
This land with thirst
And he bleached it like a bone

One day a wild tornado

[Repeat chorus 2x]

Yee hah!

(Boston to Houston)
(Then Alamo)
(El Paso, Crystal City Way)

Ho ho ho!
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