Jagged Edge — Jagged Edge Remix Run Dmc lyrics

Rap part
Wut's goin on-
All across the seas?
It aint nothin,
I aint forntin,
Shortay commin wit me,
Now I already dun gave you
Da keyz 2 da range,
N yer last name bout 2 change,
Now you mrs. Simmons,
Gotta betta livin,
I wanna do the right thang,
Used tob the snake type,
Hangin out late nite,
Girl youdun make me change my life,
Ever since you met me,
Keyz 2 da bently,
Now they kall you da preacherz wife,
I'm the type a guy dat'll take you out n buy dat ring
Wit da rock dat'll break yer arm,
Playa's wont try dat,
Now yooh kant deni dat,
We gonna rap this all nite long
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