James Ingram — You Never Know What You Got lyrics

I know you'll never find another love like mine
And I know just what you're gonna do
You've said those words before, walked out and closed the door
But you'll come right back; you know it's true
We had so many times together
And we always seemed to make the magic last
If we let it get away, the love we had may never be the same and

You'll never know what you got until it's over
You'll never know what you're missing
Till love slips away
You'll never know what you got until it's over
And you're all alone sitting by the phone

I guess I'll never see my place in history
And I know just what I'm gonna do
I'll write a page in time and make you change your mind
And you'll see how much you mean to me
I know I'll never be a hero
Or the kind of guy who sets the world on fire
But if you let me try, I know I'd give the sky to you and

Repeat Chorus
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