Jason Matthews — For Pete's Sake lyrics

I found him down on Red River Road, hungry and crying and cold
Just another throw away pup someone left to die
I wrapped him in my Carhart coat, let him have the rest of my Coke
The burger that I bought for lunch and the rest of my french fries
I knew dad would disapproved but all he had to say
Was "What ya gonna call that mutt for Pete's sake"

So I named him Pete with the one black eye
Corkscrew tail and funny underbite
He became my closest friend, just like a brother to me
And I slipped food underneath the table
Took the heat for that chewed-through cable
And I threw that tennis ball 'til my shoulder ached for Pete's sake
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We'd go to town on Friday nights, Pete was just another one of the guys
Hanging out of my backseat window howling at the moon
Every time we passed a sno-cone stand, he would bark 'til I pulled in
And those girls would feed him rainbow ice until his tongue turned blue
He always had to chaperone when I went on a date
I let a couple cat lovers go for Pete's sake

And I leaned on Pete when my grandpa died
And for the next three weeks he never left my side
The way he looked at me, somehow he understood
And I had dreams out in Music City
So I left home and brought my biggest fan with me
Got a place next to a park with plenty room to play for Pete's sake

But the years turned Pete's eyes cloudy and his big nose gray
His old hips gave out he couldn't get around, I couldn't watch him hurt that way

And I told him, "Pete, up in Doggie Heaven
There's lotsa rainbow ice and tennis balls for fetching
And you won't hurt anymore, now, you be a good boy, ok?"
And I said, "Doc, go ahead and do it
Before I change my mind, before I lose it"
And I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do that day for Pete's sake