Jay-z — People's Court lyrics



F**k Judge Wapner
It's Jigga
Ya heard?
Y'all n****s in violation of Playa-Hatin Code
Section 1001

[ verse 1 ]
Yo, I gives a f**k if you traumed up
Dom Perrignon'ed up
N****s from where want what?
One slip'll get your cherry bombed up
I got heavy arm
And my n****s Homicide and Deadly Calm in the cut
B, test your dumb blonde luck
F**k with the wrong one
Shawn Gun, harm one, two
F**k y'all wan' do?
B******s, n****s know I blast quick
As if y'all had to ask - s**t
Get your a** twist
It's the rap's El Niёo, get your brain splitted
And I don't like p***y well enough to hang with it
You ain't with it, same s**t, they
Can't f**k with the languaddage
Soon as the slang's spitted
If you came you get it
Plain as a game with them thangs with it
On co-sign and the whole nine
Leave you where I find yo a** - lost with no signs
You're so wrong
I'm the last n***a to roll on
Got a vest on, went to Folsom
When you guess wrong I'ma press one

[ chorus ]
F**k the judge, f**k the jury
When you're warin with me
It's People's Court, we hold court in the street
I gives a f**k about the D. A.
When you see Jay
Better crawl for your heat
It's People's Court, we hold court in the street
Ya heard me?

F**k the judge, f**k the jury
When you're warin with me
It's People's Court, we hold court in the street
I gives a s**t about the plaintiff
N***a, dangerous, watch your langauge with me
It's People's Court, we hold court in the street

[ verse 2 ]
I give a s**t if it's small claims like stealin your b***h
Or if it's Supreme Court like stealin your bricks
Look, my guns is all-range, more pain
Indifferential, whether you're big money or small change
When I c*** it - ball game
My pistals never miss-trial, here's the determent
With no chance of parole bullets comin concurrent
I'm like "Why, nigga, try Jigga?" You must remember
It's like bein on trial for your life with a public defender
Let the jury fill the seats up and start the court calendar off
With docu number 9mm
All rise...
The Honourable Jay-Z presides
Instead of a mallet I hold a tool
All objections over-ruled
Say your opening arguments, hope you understand it
Two guns, right over left, that's how I cross-examine
Like Tom Cruise, popppin with the _Top Gun_ you lose
Jigga's no lie, and y'all can't handle the truth

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]
No flow's sicker, no cell can hold Jigga
Since I dropped 'Reasonable Doubt' no cocaine convictors
No contest in a rhyme fest, I'm best
Under oath raise my hand, and I spit it - honest
Know our facts for real 'fore y'all decide to act ill
When you blow trial ain't no comin back on the pill
It's Murder One, bail set at a half a mill
It's Murder One, for you backwards muthafuckas: red-rum
Committ hate crimes, fake crimes, I hold in contempt
You get state time for fakin like you greater than Him
So cop a plea to lessen charges, pay your fine at the Desk Sergeant
Say you're sorry, then - take your property
I be sho' defended, flow splendid, no co-defendant
While you n****s hold trial with no motions in it
Three time felon, third album, lockin it down for the term
Of 'Lifetime', Vol. 2, n***a, court is adjourned

[ chorus ]
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