Jaymay — Niagra Falls lyrics

Darlin my dreams are troubled again
Ur my friend I know this
I shant forget again
Wherever sun shines
That's where we will go
Be brave the sleep I had
Bereave the snow
You've opened my eyes
I no longer lie in the dark
I'm afraid of everything
Shadows loom in my heart
And gather in my soul
I know our kind of closeness is worlds apart
On the bridge I fell worse than niagra falls
Somehow you earned my prize
Whenever pigeons fly
Darkness, stars above
Forgive me my misfortune
Forgive the fools I've loved
I know you flew the highest
In fields of gold
I pray with all my might from dark till dawn
Don't know how you earned my prayers
I've never been so scared
In the light the moon is my umpire
The only witness to myself
And I gaze at the sky
I know you shine the brightest
I won't deny, so don't you
You've opened up my eyes
I no longer must rely on my dreams
All in color again
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