Jedi Mind Tricks — Exertions (remix) (feat. Virtuoso, Esoteric And Bahamadia) lyrics

F/ Bahamadia, Esoteric, Virtuoso

Knowledge is self taught to be defining me spiritual
?????????????? ????????????????
Like oracles at Delphi when they're spoken to
Mortals refer to me as??????????? ????
For exposing the secrets of the sands while I'm blessing you
My presence equals principle like a method philosophies
Of reparations, for payment, a stolen legacy
So hail, homie
I make up the pharoah
Like Ma'at I seek truth through the tarot
Choosing the teachings of 'Nezzar over that of the devil
And trading places with????? ????? To hear my ancestors echo
Commanding thoughts the lady forming the facts
That led me to the holy near the temple of Kanak
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