Jesse James — Shoes lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It's not the way you walk,
It's not the way you hold your fork,
It's not the stupid things you say in bed when I come in your face.
The way you hold a cigarette,
The way you smile when you're wet,
The way you make me cups of tea when I stay round at your place.

It's just the shoes you wear,
It's your shoes that turn me on,
I don't choose to stare,
So please don't get me wrong

[Verse 2:]
I think your shoes can say a lot,
'Bout who you are or who you're not
So much more than gloves or coats or hats or glasses can,
But when I see you out in heels,
Then I know your not for me.
But the difference thing is your wearing converse all stars


[Instrumental bit]


[Chorus 2:]
It's the shoes you wear
I don't make ???
It's the shoes you wear
It's the shoes that turn me on
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