Joe Ely — No Rope, Daisy-O lyrics

My Daisy she's crazy
Just like she seems
She climbs into bed and covers her head
And sneaks into my dreams

My Daisy she's lazy
Don't do nothin' but play
While I work like a slave
in an airplane wing
And bring home all the pay

Well I wish she'd take it easy
On poor delicate me
wish she'd take it easy
It'd be a better day for my Daisy and me!

My Daisy she's amazing
Sneaks in the movies for free
While me and the chauffeur
keep the motor runnin'
In a rented limosine.
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Songwriters: JOE ELY
No Rope, Daisy-O lyrics © JOE ELY D/B/A EIFFEL TOWER MUSIC