Joe Nichols — Old Cheyenne lyrics

I pulled out
In a dusty cloud
On a hot night in July
With big tears rolling down
She waved goodbye

Just out of my teens
With foolish dreams
And big stars in my eyes
And now I've had a million second thoughts
On what I left behind

I wonder what she's doing
Back in Old Cheyenne
Does she ever dream of me
And how we might of been
Looking back I was such a fool
I held her love in the palm of my hand
I had it all back in Old Cheyenne

I know for sure that buckle of gold
It never came to me
I'm far from the hero I thought I'd be
A rolling stone in the rodeo
It's not what I had in mind
And now there's more than these old broken bones
Breaking here tonight


I'm bluer than the Rocky Mountains
Lonesome as a northern wind
And what I'd give to hold her once again

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