Joe — Soon I'll Be Loving You Again lyrics

Dreamed of you this morning
Then came the dawn
I thought you 're here with me
If you could only see
How much I love you
You'd want to trust me

In my dream, I was loving you
Every place that you wanted me to
Since I believe in dreams
And fantasies came true

I'd like to make love to you right there, baby
I've got this real strong need
To love you everywhere
I won't stop until I find
Your passion's flowing like wine
Baby, baby please let me do it to you

Oh no
I never did it before
But there's always a first time, you know
I made up my mind
Soon I'll be loving you
That's all, let's get in
I made up my mind
Soon I'll be loving you
Girl, I know what I'm gonna do

I came here to touch you
To give you that feeling
That you want from me
So that your mood will be revealing, babe
And soon as I know I've gotta you

Give you some heaven, baby
I'm gonna love you right now, woman
I'm gonna give you some heaven,
'Cause I know just what to do, baby
I'm going to give you some heaven
Oh baby....
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