John Mayer — Won't Go My Way lyrics

I was supposed to be
The heartbreaker
I was the one who
was supposed to survive
I wanted to break your heart
Just to save my own
I hid my feelings though
You showed me yours
Somehow, some way
Everything just won't go my way

"I fell, I'm fallen, I'm falling
In something I didn't believe in
I thought nightts and days
If I could even try
I gave in, I gave up
The fight between
My head and heart
The roles have changed
Breaking my own heart just for u
The one who's reminding me
Why I've once been so cold"

It just depends of the time
When I'll be broken again
My heart is all crushed
But I keep smiling to U, yeah I do
I can't, and I'll never will
Understand how it goes like this
Everytime when it happens
Both of us acts like nothing happened
Somehow, some way
Everything just won't go my way


Sometimes it makes me
Wanna get lost
Away to the other side
of the Earth
It's starting to hurt
Time to go
My heart screams to stay
When I turned away
As you're wondering
Knowing nothing
What's wrong with me
I could feel how
My heart has already
Flown back to you

Oh, why can't you see
Don't you know you're hurting me


Anything just won't go my way
Go my way...
Why it will not... go my way


Oh, it hurts...
It's starting to hurt
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