John Prine — Sleepy Eyed Boy lyrics

Where are the boot straps
To lift myself up?
Where is the well
Where I once filled my cup?
Where does this sorrow
All turn into joy?
And where oh where is the sleepy eyed boy?
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Where is my true love
When the wind starts to moan?
Is she out in the wild,
Is she there all alone?
Have I cast her aside
Like an unwanted toy?
Tell me where oh where is the sleepy eyed boy?

He's goin' down the backroads
In a cold pourin' rain
He's a waitin' for a postcard
In the south coast of spain
Postmarked from a sweetheart
Back in ol' illinois
Sayin' where oh where is my sleepy eyed boy?

Songwriters: JOHN PRINE
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