Josie & The Pussycats — Shake Ya Booty lyrics

Shake ya booty (14 times)
Can you shake ya booty 2 this beat?
I wanna see u shake about and move your feet
I wanna see ya move ya head oh so sweet-
I wanna see ya shake about till the DJ says stop
I wana see ya shake your booty 2 this dirty pop

Shake ya booty high
Shake ya booty low
Shake ya booty, Shake ya booty everywhere u go oh o
Coz I know u can groove so I wanna see u shake ya booty
You've got nothing to lose-

The music's soundin' fine everywhere
I wanna see ya shake ya booty here and there
And if u can't dance I don't care-
I think u got it now
I wanna turn the music up loud,loud,loud
U gotta dance until u feel amazingly proud-
chorus (three times)

Shake Ya Booty (14 times)
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