Jughead's Revenge — Anthem lyrics

We just try to
go through life
bold and unafraid
we do our best
so we'll never regret
all the choices that we have made
we're not exactly
where we want to be
we just try to take it
day by day
our family is small
but we're walking tall
right through the mess
we made
we are one
I think of all the
shit I've been through
and I thank God that
our hearts held true
so as we go through
this rough ass ride
we'll sing anthem
for ourselves tonight
in this song we will
not sing about some
fight that happened long ago
we are celebrating a battle with
a far greater foe
the fact that we can
write this song
is a freedom that we
won't let go
we don't know what's ahead
we're just playing out our hand
with this song we'll
come together and
united we shall stand
I dream of a place
where things are free
where anyone can be
what they want to be
so as we go through
this rough ass ride
this song's for us tonight
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