Jughead's Revenge — No Time lyrics

What happens after all the lies are said
Broken promises
Fading after time
Apologies instead
Your ticket's been canceled out
Run to only fail
To catch the last train out
Just before it derails
Lived and learned a lot
Forgetting all detail
What happens when it's time to go to bed
Sigh and say goodnight
The dreams that you once had
Can only live in side your heart
Just another empty hand
To hold before you crash
Take me back to the start
Just another extension
No time for explanations
Just settling for exceptions
No time for explanations
What happens after all of you are gone
Find somebody else
Dangling your prize
Lay your trip upon
The party's been faded out
As true as it was
Bring the next one on
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Songwriters: GAIL ANN DORSEY
No Time lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC