Julie — Right Next To You lyrics


I just wanna be your man, and show you who I am
But I wonґt rush my love for you, if you don't feel it too
Come with me and you will see, how deep my love for you can be

If you let me know, then I can let go
And release me, from you
If you don't tell me, then I wont break free
Like a lion in a zoo, but ...

Come with me, and I wont let you go
Come with me, and love will let you know
On and on, that Iґll be, right here next to you

No oneґs ever gonna let you down
Not as long as you got, you got me around
Iґll be, right here next to you

I am feeling it inside please let me stay here for the night
Tell me how you feel just let me know
Baby, should I stay, or should I go

The days go by, I watch you cry
Just let me be the one, who wipes away your tears, at night
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