Jump, Little Children — You're All I Want For Christmas lyrics

You're all I want for Christmas.
All I want my whole life through.
Each day is just like Christmas,
Anytime when I'm with you.

You're all I want for Christmas,
And of if all my dreams come true,
Then I'll awake on Christmas mornin,
And find my stocking filled with you.

The season draws near,
I can do without cheer,
I can live without holly and jingles and jolly,
I don't care for the snow,
I don't need mistletoe,
It's the taste of your kiss is the thing that I miss.
It's the sound of your *sigh*
Oh my angel on high,
I want the smell of your skin.
You can keep the french hen.
Who needs good girls or boys,
Bells or candles or toys?
You're all that I want for christmas!

You're all I want for Christmas
If all my dreams come true....
Then I'll awake, on Christmas mornin
And find my stocking filled, with you.
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