Jung — You Mean The World To Me lyrics

You mean the world to me
World to me...

Is this how it feels
It's never the same
The hurting so bad
Every time I hear your name
My heart feels the pain
And as I look into your eyes
It took me so long, just to realize

You mean the world to me
Your are everything I need
I wish that you could be
Still in love with me
You mean the world to me
Please don't go away
I wish that you could stay forever end of days.

Now that your gone
Seems I want you more
I didn't care you go walking out that door
You must realize
I was young and so confused
What can I say?
What can I do?
Your my everybody you...


This time I need to know
If we could ever be
If there's a chance for love
Wont you tell me wont you tell me please
Your everything I need...

(chorous x 2)
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