Juno — The Young Influentials lyrics

We want you to act like nothing's wrong. Walk carefully in the dark. The human arrow. The animal error. Swallow hard against your inner horror- knowing you'll be alone forever. Marked, lost and zeroed in the weather. You'll comply since we must move on. But you'll say the words like no one else has ever sung this song. Around and out, battered down until someone comes around. Someone who doesn't care where you're from or what to you's been done. You saved for me a memory of my former-self but I won't ask if you promise not to tell. Lord knows we really never had much else. Well it slides in real slow. You slide out real slow. When she died she was just twelve years old. Every second since trying not to let go. Here in the aftermath there's always the after-taste. Alone in afterglow there's always the shadow of your face.
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